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“Well, I did it, somehow I managed to manoeuvre my aching, cramping body around 26.1 miles. AND IT WAS AGONY. That’s the only word that really seems to appropriately describe it. Pure unadulterated pain for 5 hours and 6 minutes. Now I remember a quote from Lennox Lewis in regards to boxing, he said that in boxing there is nowhere to hide, that quite simply if you didn’t turn up in shape, or if you’d spent the week eating cake, it was going to show and you were probably going to lose. Running is very similar, I quite simply had not been able to do anywhere near as much training as I would have liked to, and it definitely showed. I always consider running to be almost like school in a way, your training that’s your revision, races, well they’re you’re exams (or in a marathon’s case, it’s probably your master’s thesis) and if you haven’t done enough revision then you’ll most likely fail.”

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