LNK has 6 trained mentors between the ages of 17-25. Collectively they have experienced social exclusion, teen pregnancy, they have been victims and perpetrators of crime, ex-gang members, lost close friends to violent crime and many more life experiences. They have been working together to mentor young people in Croydon and it has become more evident, with each new project the importance of peer mentoring.

Working within the schools, teachers can identify the pupils at risk of gang affiliation, LNK will be able to offer further support by way of mentoring. Therefore, preventing the young people from further negative involvement and helping them make positive life choices.

LNK believe preventing young people from joining a gang or carrying a weapon is the best way to tackle gang, knife and gun crime. Prevention is better than a cure. LNK have made a significant impact in the past and have had high success rates with the young people we have mentored. We have also made a significant impact on the community and helped to create a safer learning environment and neighbourhood.

We are impressed with the impact LNK has had on student progress at Oasis Academy Shirley Park this year. LNK work with a range of students including supporting those who are struggling to engage in education and/or are facing social and emotional challenges. This includes working with children who are looked after, students with special educational needs and students who are struggling in and/or out of school. The mentors at LNK are skilled at supporting students in their understanding of the importance of learning and the need to be in school. They have been developing the reflection and decision making skills of students, as well as focusing on resilience. The students are supported emotionally and socially with challenges that they face in and out of school on a daily basis. The LNK mentors empower the students to make positive choices.

-Deborah Centre – DSEN Learning Zone leaderĀ