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kim cos tim


The LNK Team would like to invite you to their fund raising event – kim cos tim  2012 – the team worked voluntarily with script writer Alan Charles and together, they researched and compiled an exciting, colourful and inspiring play using song, rap, dance and comedy – kim cos tim – which will bring understanding to parents, teachers and everyone who work and care for the youth.   It will make you laugh, it will make you cry, but most of all get ready to .… keep it moving cos time is money.


Please support this event by buying a ticket and selling tickets to family, friends and colleagues. The event will be entertaining, informative and give you an insight into issues that need to be talked about and debated at school, home and at your place of work.

The LNK team have been there and done it….. but now want to make a difference in their community.  Therefore, will use all profits to take LNK roadshows to more schools, to talk to pupils about the consequences of getting involved with gangs and carrying a weapon.


Buy Your Ticket – Take Your Seat :

kim cos tim

Croydon Conference Centre

9 Surrey Street  Croydon

Sunday 15 July 2012




 All  Seats £10


livesnotknives@hotmail.com 0771 3048569


or alternatively

You can book them online


If you are unable to attend please support the event by sponsoring a seat for a young person to attend.