LNK Build – Fundraiser


LNK are organising a fundraiser in the shape of a 50k hike (approx 12 hours) over the South Downs on Friday 14 August

We need to raise a minimum of £50,000 for start up costs for LNK Build….

On the 11th September 2015, LNK will be opening LNKBuild. LNKBuild is a training facility, concentrating on construction trades, pre-employability skills leading to traineeships and apprenticeships.

In the first year approximately 200, 16 – 24 year olds including NEETS, young offenders and looked after children with an interest in entering into the construction industry, will complete short courses in multi skills construction. Initially, LNK Build will concentrate on delivering entry-level, trades-based courses designed to instil confidence, discipline and safe-working practices. while covering basic skills and low-level trades skills. Higher level trades skills acquisition, work experience and apprenticeships would be progression goals, provided either by ourselves or by partners.

How can you help?

If you are interested in walking with us please find out more info here ‘Construction Academy‘ or email fundraising@livesnotknives.org

To sponsor a walker donate here: