Evening Standard; Young Progress Makers Event

One of the LNK team; Dela went to an event by the evening standard  which was created for young people.  The topics discussed were about Technology, Enterprise and Change.  It was very informative to say the least. But most of all it was very inspirational. To see a lot of young entrepreneurs in one space speaking about their accomplishments and success was so motivating.

One of the main speakers at the event; Humza Arshad talked about his YouTube success and gave advice to the audience. He said “Think outside the octagon; don’t jump on a trend just because it’s popular on YouTube. Don’t just make prank videos because everyone else is, do your own thing and don’t be afraid to try something new. YouTube is a platform for creating your own brand and if I can do it, you can too.”

Others young entrepreneurs also came out to help with tips and advice. One also said he believes that the three most important things that young people must do to start a successful brand are to “be consistent, love what you do and be unique.”

The highlight of this event personally was the speech by the Mayor of London. His discussions were based upon the themes of power, possibility and performance.

Overall it was quite inspiring to know that there are a lot of opportunities for our youth and generation. It just takes us to make the progress.

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