Eliza Rebeiro speaks re recent events – 29 April 2014

A lot of people around me think I either have a very cold heart or a very huge one.  Truth is working with the brand LIVES NOT KNVES for the past 6 years has brought out so many emotions some of excitement and pride and others of heartache and confusion. Although quite a hard headed and ‘strong’ young lady I didn’t understand and still don’t understand some of these feelings.

Today, I sat at a desk in an office in Holborn helping to create an event that celebrates young philanthropists and the good they do for their community when I receive 3 emails from 3 different television stations. ‘Following the stabbing of the teacher in Leeds by one of her pupils, we are looking at what more could be done to prevent knives being taken into schools, and we would be very keen to talk to one of your ambassadors about their thoughts on that.’ I cried.

Since 14 I’ve given advice support and love to my community and from some friends but most importantly my Mother and Grandma I’ve received the same love back. Trying to make a change that helps benefit the world we live in and hearing real life stories everyday of how effected people are by knife crime does have an effect on me, how does a 15 year old boy stab his teacher infront of his class? How does a journalist not use the name Anne Maguire when speaking on her tragic death? How does an organisation comment on what they can do to help in such a circumstance?

I’m speechless yet I’m still trying to understand what comment I would even make to the news? Prevention, education, really right at this time, this is what her family friends and pupils want to hear?

Let people cry, let people mourn and let people have feelings. I personally have no comment to make except that every piece of my heart is with her family right now.


Eliza Rebeiro Founder Lives Not Knives CIC

29 April 2014