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Hire an apprentice

What are we asking?

We want companies – small, medium and large – to take on Young People in Croydon.
These apprentices, typically, will have already completed a period of pre-apprenticeship training in a vocational area of either:•

  •      •    Business Administration
  •      •    Customer Service
  •      •    IT
  •      •    Retail
  •      •    Youth work

Alongside English and Maths GCSE equivalents. Apprentices will be ready to start an Apprenticeship (Intermediate or Advanced), with you whilst continuing training with us in either Business Admin, Customer Service, IT, Retail or Youth Work. They could work in your IT, customer service, human resources, marketing, sales departments, call centres or any department with entry-level positions.

Why are we doing this?

Croydon has the largest youth population in London. Youth unemployment now stands at one in five young people in Croydon. Their biggest obstacle is lack of work experience and an apprenticeship provides the ideal sustainable start for a young person seeking that first rung on the ladder.

How will it work?

Taking on apprentices is simple. You would:

  •      •    Be provided with a shortlist of suitable candidates to interview
  •      •    Take on each apprentice for one year (if you can only manage part of a year, we will ‘buddy you up’ with another employer)
  •      •    Have them work for you for at least 30 hours a week
  •      •    Release them one day a week to complete their NVQ Intermediate or Advanced training
  •      •    Be provided with ongoing support by LNK

An added incentive for your business…

For every apprentice you take (up to a maximum of ten), you may be eligible for a Government grant of £1,500, provided you have 1,000 employees or less, a London postcode and have not taken an apprentice in the last year. This grant is available until December 2014.

What will it cost you?

We encourage the London Living Wage of £8.80/hr or the National Minimum Wage of £6.31/hr. You can either employ an apprentice directly from us, or we can pay the apprentice and invoice you instead. For a full explanation of all costs of taking on an apprentice please speak to a member of our programme team.


If you are interested in getting involved with our apprenticeship programmes, please get in touch by clicking here or calling the LNK Unit on 020 8681 8244.