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LNK Build – Fundraiser

  LNK are organising a fundraiser in the shape of a 50k hike (approx 12 hours) over the South Downs on Friday 14 August We need to raise a minimum of £50,000 for start up costs for LNK Build…. On the 11th September 2015, LNK will be opening LNKBuild. LNKBuild is a training facility, concentrating on

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ND15 – Leading a Digital Nation

The 10th annual National Digital Conference (ND15), held on Thursday 25th June, brought together the UK’s digital leaders, innovators and inspirational speakers to identify, debate and brainstorm the key opportunities and networks to kick-start a new agenda for digital growth, transformation and social innovation over the next Parliament.The day drew upon a broad range of

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Audrey & Joy win £1,000 for LNK

Our wonderful adventure with Lives Not Knives… Our journey started with a simple school competition, at the start we didn’t take it seriously but after meeting our charity and practising our presentation, we were motivated to win, not for us but mostly for our charity.When we started, we had no idea on what to do and

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Eliza Rebeiro, Founder of Lives Not Knives

Eliza Rebeiro, Founder of Lives Not Knives Flicking through the ELLE Feminism issue, you will see our portfolio of inspiring women, indeed showing you ‘This Is What A Feminist Looks Like’. We reached out to empowered and empowering women all over the world to bring you the definitive #ELLEinspire 100 list.‘A strong woman knows exactly what

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BBC – 100 Women 2014

 Eliza Rebeiro, founder of Lives Not Knives, is one of the BBC’s 100 inspirational women of 2014!

LNK hits Snowdon!

Monqiue, CEO of Lives Not Knives, met new supporters for whilst networking through Croydon Chamber.Who would have thought that a random request to fundraise with new found friends would lead to trekking up the highest mountain in Wales?10 LNK supporters have willingly put their lives on the line to conquer the Watkin Path, one of the

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