Audrey & Joy win £1,000 for LNK

Audrey and Joy

Audrey and Joy from Quest Academy with Eliza from LNK

Our wonderful adventure with Lives Not Knives… 

Our journey started with a simple school competition, at the start we didn’t take it seriously but after meeting our charity and practising our presentation, we were motivated to win, not for us but mostly for our charity.

When we started, we had no idea on what to do and if we were going to win, but hey you only live once and this was once in a life time opportunity for us to do something in our community. In the beginning we never thought of choosing Lives Not Knives (LNK), we just thought that it was another charity that dealt with youth crime but after actually meeting with Kenneth and Eliza and getting some information about the school road shows the work ready programmes and how many people they help with such a small team, we realised that LNK was more than a simple charity which is why we chose it.

Overall we are extremely grateful that they gave us the opportunity to represent them and win them £1,000 and will hopefully work with them in the future.

Audrey O.B and Joy H

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