Alisha’s Week – LNK Team

This week I have been looking at apprenticeship opportunities for our 16-18yr olds and encouraging them to make their applications to apprenticeship providers, to secure their places and enable them to start making applications to employers.

I met with roughly half of the year 11s and completed a learning plan with each which included their goals, journey and challenges. Many of them were very engaged and had a clear idea of what they want to do upon completion of year 11.

Having now got to know a bit more about their future goals and their current working levels, I have been able to look at colleges, trainee-ships or apprenticeships that would be suitable for them. I have also been proof reading applications to colleges or apprenticeships that some of the young people sourced independently. This was very positive, as it was nice to see them using their initiative and be excited about their future. I was also very impressed with some of the answers they had provided on their applications.

This week has been very progressive and everyone is moving in the right direction.

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