LNKAspire Higher Programme

This programme will provide 18 months of support to 240 young people who are vulnerable to becoming involved in serious life issues and youth violence, with the expectation that at least 140 of them will ,move back in to mainstream education , further training , apprenticeship and employment.

This programme will be predominately based within Pupil Referral Unit’s (PRU) within which the young people are attending.

The young people will benefit from a lot of opportunities through this programme such as :

  • Personal 1-2-1 coaching sessions focused on setting goals, creating outcomes and managing personal development and growth.
  • Learning to build healthy relationships: emotional development, learning basic skills, assertiveness, and impulse control. Introducing activities that promote employability, such as literacy and presentation skills, writing the perfect cv and Job-winning interview techniques.
  • Activities that will help broaden the horizons of young people in terms of their understanding of the world. The message would be that it does not have to be that way, and that they do have options.
  • Our goal is that at least 140 young people will move into positive destinations , with at least 130 sustaining for six months. These destinations could include ;

-Returning into mainstream education.

-Getting into apprenticeships.

-Move into post 16 training.