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  1. Hina Reply

    Hi Everyone, the first thing that must be addressed are the scam prdvioers that are draining Apprenticeship funding from the system. I’m currently at Sandwell College, but I’ve spent the past twenty years working with Apprenticeships and trying to lay to rest the ghost of YTS / YOP (cheap labour, poor quality). We have recently had several young people apply to join our Apprenticeship programmes who are not now eligible because it turns oiut they were paid by a provider to complete a 5 week summer apprenticeship’ where there was only the pretence of real work and the learning’ consisted of a tutor’ saying write this in this box . I have reported this to NAS, let’s hope they do something with the information. Apprenticeships are the programme that should have the biggest potential to change people’s lives by providing secure employment and real qualifications. Let’s not slip back to chasing targets at any cost.

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