LNK strongly believes that education is a huge key to success and understands that not all young people learn in the same way, this is why we work with ages 8 – 16 in Schools and PRUs

LNK runs workshops in Primary and Secondary schools accross South London called LNK Roadshows. From ages 8 – 11 LNK works on teaching young people the dangers of knife crime and gangs with two mentors per class explaining legal definitions, helping young people know their rights and mentors explaining their own life experiences that have lead them to join the LNK team.

With ages 11 – 16 LNK speaks more in depth on the dangers of knife and gang culture as well as explaining how a criminal record can damage future job prospects, how you are more likely to get stabbed with your own weapon, and open and honest personal experiences from mentors that are then able to stay and support young people who have any questions.

For more information or follow up lesson plans, please contact info@livesnotknives.org